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Module 1 Discussion: BAH allowances
  • 2. Let’s take a look at BAH allowances for service members. What is the BAH for your market area?
    How do BAH rates compare with average monthly mortgage costs in your market area?

    After you have posted to this discussion, review your colleagues’ comments and reply to at least one other post.
  • Colorado Springs ranges from about $1455-$2091 with dependents. The average home in CO Springs is at $318,000 which is about a $1700/mont payment. E7 and up does ok in the range, but below will have to pay out of pocket. Rentals are about the same per month if not higher.
  • The Cincinnati market seems to align with the BAH payments of E5 and above with dependents, rentals can be cheaper in some neighborhoods, as could purchase prices.
  • Ranges from E 1 - O7+ with DEPENDENTS: $ 1620.00 - $ 2112.00
    E 1 - O7+ without DEPENDENTS:$ 1215.00 - $ 1983.00

    Well, on average in my area of Fort Worth/Keller TX all pay grades would be able to purchase a home within their BAH and possibly even able to save a little of it as well.
  • E01- $1,641 E09- $2037 with dependents
    E01 - $1,434 E09-$1,818 without dependents

    With these numbers, a buyer should be able to purchase their home without using their entire BAH.
  • E-1 $1641 to O-07 $2496 with dependents for the Atlanta area is enough to obtain adequate housing.

  • are these mostly Air Force personnel ?
  • Colorado Springs ranges from about $1455-$2091

    They are either within rental limits or less than depending on where the house is located.
  • Colorado Springs ranges from about $1455-$2091 with dependents. It depends on where in Colorado Springs you are looking. Overall, it is within range, but a few neighborhoods are higher.
  • The Northern Virginia market has many duty stations that vary in BAH. Here are 2 examples for an O4 with and without defendants for Quantico, and DC. Some clients choose to commute to afford them the opportunity to purchase a larger home further out. These amounts are adequate to purchase or rent in the areas.
    with dependents-2,331.00
    without dependents-1,887.00
    with dependents-3,042.00
    without dependents-2,703.00
  • Colorado Springs ranges from about $1455-$2091. I remeber 5 years ago when we first moved here, that was great. Now to be in a desirable neighborhood good luck. I'm not sure how younger military members are able to comfortably afford a house here.
  • BAH in my area ranges from $2,118 to $3,108 per month for military members with dependents, and from $1,740 to $2,541 for members without dependents.
    The median rent is $1958 per month, and the median home cost is $223,000, which comes out to a monthly mortgage payment of $1,641.

    The BAH rates here seem quite adequate for covering a mortgage.
  • Pensacola, Florida
    E1-O7 with dependents $1296-$1863
    E1-O7 w/o dependents $1053-1440

    Median Home Sales Price $147K
    At these rates, buyers could afford to buy and save money vs. renting
  • Mobile, AL
    E1-O7 with dependents &1173-$1851
    E1-O7 without dependents $936-$1389
    Median Home Value 137k

    With these numbers, buying is a much smarter option that renting. I've already had clients experience this in the past couple of years in Baldwin County.
  • Patrick AFB with dependents for an E8 (what my husband was when he separated from the Marine Corps) is $1932 - which is more than affordable for the area we live in.
  • Eglin AFB E05 $1,254-$1407
    Avg sales price in the surrounding area is $254,597
    at 4.25% payment is $1,252. Rentals in this area are in high demand and in the same $254,597 house the rent is typically $1,500-$1,900 making buying a good option if the buyer will gain equity, pay additional principal, or down payment and then neighborhood has a good history of holding its value.
  • The BAH for Jacksonville, Fl for an E4 with dependents are $1395 and for an E4 without dependents are $1137.00
    The average monthly P&I only $215,000 mortgage payment in the Jacksonville, Fl market area is $1010.00.

    Taking this into consideration, purchasing is the better option.
  • The BAH for Forney, TX for an E7 with dependents is $1956 w/o dependents it is $1566 the BAH in Forney for an O5 with dependents is $2487 and w/o dependents is $1992. Avg home price in this area is around $300K at 3.75% payments would be be around $1389 on a 30 year fixed without taxes and insurance added in. Rent in this area runs around $1900 plus a month depending on pets or not. It would be beneficial to buy at this time due to the the amount of equity one could build in a home as most of these homes do not last long on the market in this area if they are kept in good shape or improved.
  • In Portsmouth NH an E04 with dependents is $1,740 without dependents $1,380.
  • In Portsmouth NH an E04 with dependents is $1,740 without dependents $1,380. Avg. home is $300,000+ So for a VA 30 yr loan incl taxes will run approx. $1997/mo.
  • BAH in our area is E1-E4 $1272 with dependents. Enlisted average $1368, WO average $1476 and Officer average of $1550. 2018 showed a decrease in BAH which makes no since at all. Rent is high here. 1200 SF houses that rented for $850 3 years ago are renting for $1050 now. Someone would be hard pressed to find a house that rents for less than $1000. $1300-1500 a month rent is common. In many cases the BAH will not pay the rent much less the Utilities.

    Houses that rent for less than $1400 a month are generally only on the market one day.
    A house that rents for $1050 will sell for $123,000-130,000. Making buying more appealing. However they are upside down on their loan due to zero down VA and rolling funding fee in. Currently in our market the Seller is willing to give 3% of the sales price towards closing. 3% will generally cover 100% of the closing costs on a house that sells for $155,000. In most cases the service member gets money back at the table.

    I have written contracts with $250 earnest money because that is all they could afford. And they needed that money back at closing to pay for the moving truck. Their main purpose for buying was because the house payment would be less than rent.
    Often they cannot afford maintenance, upgrades and end up in credit card debit if something breaks.

    Other option is to rent directly from a home owner with a property manager. The Service member often ends up with a home that is not maintained well. I hear stories of not being able to use the bathroom upstairs because it will leak in the bedroom downstairs. Or light fixtures and outlets that do not work.

    I am working with a couple who have 5 children. Their BAH is $1290 a month. The house size they are comfortable with rents for $1600 a month. They can buy a 5 bedroom house with a payment of $1400 a month. BAH does not cover either.
    But if they buy and have to leave they may have to rent the home; Rent will cover mortgage and management fees but leaves nothing for repairs or the possibility of not having rental income for a month while repairs are being completed.

    In our area housing allowance is not on line with rent.
  • BAH allowance in Rio Rancho, NM is $978/$1284 for an E1/E7 without dependents and $1278/$1458 for an E1/E7 with dependents. The average purchase price is $193k. The high last month was $437k and the low was $57k. So almost all of the aforementioned should be able to purchase a decent home in Rio Rancho and many would have money left over. However, the average rental price in Rio Rancho is $1240. The low is $650 and the high is $3200. A single person would be able to find a rental fairly cheap but when looking for a rental for a family it gets difficult to be under $1300/month. A buyer can pretty easily find a home to purchase with over 2,000sf for their family and keep their monthly mortgage payment at or under $1300. Not so with rentals those are few and far between.
  • What is the BAH for your market area? with dependents an E7 is $2322 and without $1899
    How do BAH rates compare with average monthly mortgage costs in your market area?
    These amount are more than enough for rentals in my area which range from $900-$1200 for a decent rental depending on the area. Same for purchasing, depending on the area there would be excess left over $.
  • The rates for Atlanta, GA are $1698-2289 with dependents and $1410-1902 without. These rates would fall in line with average mortgage rates in the Atlanta area and would have excess in the suburban areas.
  • I am unable to get this page to open it states the link may have been changed.
  • The Rates in Brighton Michigan are E01-Eo4 1449 with dependents and 1119 without dependents
    E09 with 1986 and without 1650
    o1e with dependents 1548 without D 1548
    O7+ with dependents 2349 and without dependents 1953
    this would fall into line with mortgage rates in the area.
  • The BAH for Anchorage Alaska for an Enlisted Service member with the grade of E-1 can receive BAH entitlement of $ 1,209.00 with out dependents and $1,611.00 with. Higher ranking of E-9 can receive entitlement of $ 1,872.00 with out dependents and $ 2,496.00 with.

  • E1-E4 for Alaska $1611.00 with dependents $1209.00 without

    E5 - E9: Range $2133->2496 with dependents $1599->1872 without

    O1E-OE3: Range $2259->2535 with dependents $1695->2121 without

    O1-07: $2139->2880 with dependents $1605->2880 without
  • I live in the most inexpensive part of Ohio (based on the BAH). In Youngstown, OH, it is:
    E1-E4 $639 without dependents, $852 with dependents
    E5-E7 ranges from $774 to $1044 without dependents, $1032 to $1137 with;
    W1-W5 ranges from $762 to $1071 without dependents, $1062 to $1170 with;
    O1-O7 ranges from $780 to $1134 without dependents,$1038 to $1233 with.
  • BAH for Northern New Jersey
    E1-E4 $2301 with, $1725 without
    E5-E9 $2568>$3204 with, $1926>$2808 without
    W01 $3057 with, $2929 without
    W02 $3096 with, $2658 without
    This BAH falls in line with the current rates with the possibility of saving some. The rentals are a bit higher.
  • E-7 with dependents: $1965/month
    O-4 with dependents: $2364/month
    These rates are good for either rent or buy in the area.

  • What is the BAH for your market area?
    How do BAH rates compare with average monthly mortgage costs in your market area?

    Example of Current Bah rates for Corpus Christi, TX
    E1-E4 $1398 with, $1071 without
    E7 - $2013 with, $1509 without
    O3- $2046 with, $ 1818 without

    In Corpus Christi, a E1-E3 would be able to afford the average home with or without dependents. The higher ranking soldiers would be in even a better position to buy larger homes or save money monthly. However the rental market is much higher at this time and the E1-E3 would be looking at below average home size or apartments.

  • The BAH in Edgewater, MD ranges from:
    E-1 with dependents $1989, without $1614
    O-10 with dependents $3057, without 2547

    Rentals are pretty high priced here and it may be easier to purchase a home in most instances.
  • The amount of different types of housing in this area makes it so the BAH would work out well for virtually all military families.
  • E1 with dependents 1395
    E1 w/o dependents 1137

    Either of these could purchase a modest home in the market here. The higher ranking enlisted & officers could afford a new build in some of the communities.
  • BAH is $3,000.00 for MA. I'm working with a Coast Guard member who was stationed here previously and I was his Buyer Agent and then sold his home. Depending on traffic and your driving style - 1 hour from Boston - $3,000.00 will get you a nice home.
  • Fort Stewart E1-07 $1365-$2004 with dependents
    $1131-$1713 w/o dependents

    The new construction builders locally are pricing their homes with BAH rates in mind. Rental companies have also adjusted their market rent to make rentals affordable.
  • JOHNSTOWN, PA without E01-O07 591-1173 with E01-O07 774-1563

    Great information to have when helping active military find a place to call home.
  • houston $1149-$1938 w/o dependents
    $1530-$2328 w dependents

  • Here in Augusta GA at Fort Gordon with dependents
    E1to E4 $1278
    E5 to E9 $1293-$1554
    This is sure to increase in the near future as Cyber Command completes the move.
  • Orlando, FL

    E1 $1,617 $1,278 E2 $1,617 $1,278 E3 $1,617 $1,278
    E4 $1,617 $1,278 E5 $1,734 $1,419 E6 $1,836 $1,512
    E7 $1,848 $1,620 E8 $1,857 $1,755 E9 $1,905 $1,779
    W1 $1,845 $1,581 W2 $1,854 $1,752 W3 $1,866 $1,785
    W4 $1,929 $1,830 W5 $2,028 $1,836
    O1E $1,851 $1,734 O2E $1,860 $1,776 O3E $1,944 $1,824
    O1 $1,746 $1,497 O2 $1,833 $1,695 O3 $1,863 $1,794
    O4 $2,061 $1,833 O5 $2,217 $1,839 O6 $2,238 $1,842
    O7 $2,256 $1,875

  • Here is CT049-New London E1 with dependents $1395 w/o dependents $1080
    stays the same until E5 $1548/$1179
    goes up gradually for each pay grade higher
    CT050-Hartford/with dependents/ without dependents
    E1-$1695/$1275 stays the same through E4
    CT051-New Haven/Fairfield
    with dependents / without dependents
    E1-E4 = $2778-$2271
    gradually increases for each Grade after that

  • E-1 TO E-4 $1284-$1550
    E-5 TO E-9
  • In the Fort Hood area it is very comparable depending on the rank of the Soldier of course. $1200-1500 average
  • Here is North virginia, I see that BAH rates in Quantico/Woodbridhe are almost the same as the property mortgages. The rent maybe a little more, depending on exactly where the property is, though.
  • BAH For the Atlanta GA market spans from $1698 - $2298. The average housing rate is roughly $1608.
  • E 1 with DEPENDENTS:

    $ 1008.00

    E 1 without DEPENDENTS:
    $ 786.00

    Fayetteville, Ar
  • At Ft Campbell, KY most of the off post housing is provided by the Tennessee side of the community. Soldier members E1-E4 make $1,242 in BAH with dependents. SGT-SSG make $1,263-$1,401 for BAH with dependents. SFC and MSG make $1,569-$1,752 in BAH with dependents. SGM and CSMs make $1,899 in BAH with dependents.
    Homes are currently still affordable in the FT. Campbell area and I encourage clients to buy instead of making some one else's mortgage payment.
    When you jump up to the officer levels for Basic Allowance for Housing their only concern is making sure they will be on station long enough to break even if they sell. Our current market is appreciating at better than 6% which will allow them to move after two years and be able to break even when buying a home.
  • In the area around campus (IU-Bloomington, IN) it will be very difficult to stay within the BAH range where rents start at $1500 for a small home. People often like that area for the school system. However as you get closer to the base housing becomes more affordable, but the availability is also much less.
  • For Orlando, the BAH with dependents ranges from $1617 to $2256 and without dependents its $1278 top $1875. The mortgage costs in Orlando and central florida are trending upwards as housing prices rise. But you can get a home for $285k and pay about $1600 a month in mortgage. HOA's are ranging from $75 per quarter to $250 a month. This is doable if you have dependents and its very hard to do at $1278 without dependents because at that price you will barely be within reasonable distance.
  • 2018 Connecticut BAH Rates
    Basic Allowance for Housing:
    The Basic Allowance for Housing is a military benefit that comes in handy when applying for a VA home loan. It provides the lender with an easy-to-measure proof of your ability to pay a mortgage on time. BAH is an important military benefit for anyone considering a VA loan for that first home.

    GradeWith DependentsWithout Dependents