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BAH Allowances
  • The BAH for Hanscom AFB, MA with E01-07 with dependents is $2568 -$4449. Without dependents $2100-$3393.
    Rental prices for condos and single families go from $2000-$5000.

    The average price home in Middlesex County is $550,000, a 30 yr fixed mortgage at the current interest rate is about $2706, add the taxes and insurance and looking at about $3750 a month. Also so many homes here at that price range are older homes with oil heat and that adds to the monthly expenses for military families. This home would rent for about $3500 a month.

  • The cost of living is significantly lower in Charleston
  • This is a great tool to use to show the buyer how they can afford the purchase of the home without having to bring anything into the transaction. BAH for Fresno, CA E-7 is $1455 which is more than enough to purchase a entry level home at $210k.
  • The BAH breaks things into with dependents and without dependents. This is extremely helpful in determining whether to rent or to buy as well as price ranges to even consider. In NOVA we have multiple bases in a close proximity, including the Pentagon. Knowing the pay grade and amount of allowance helps to determine staying closer to D.C. or pushing out, with more of a commute, but affordable property. It is clearer working with Military understanding the allowance and reasons for their limits.
  • The BAH gives all the information needed to know what would be best for each individual and enables them to make their choice.
  • I like the use of the online calculators for determining whether to rent or buy. It's great to be able to show how many years it will take for buying to be more advantageous over renting.
  • It is important to know where to locate the current BAH rates since information found on the internet may/may not be correct.
  • I agree with Patricia Chestnut. Knowing where to look for those rates is important.