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Module 1 Discussion: The Military Market
  • For military sellers I would keep them well informed on the market in their neighborhood so when it's time to sale they are ready to list with a price. I would encourage sellers to prepare their home for selling well ahead of time due to quick military time frames for moving. For military buyers I would plan on using technology that would best communicate with them. If buyers can not be there in person to use FaceTime for hometours,Skype, or similar. We can sign everything electronically overseas or across country with dotloop. I will have a resource of vendors to provide the buyers. We will plan to see as many houses as possible in the short spans of time they are in town.

    I can use KW Connect to build a referral base.
  • I will ensure that I am patient and readily available to help clients and be flexible with their schedules. I will make myself knowledgeable about VA financing and keep abreast of the BAH allowances in my area. I will be sure not to fall into “steering “ my clients. I will share my KW app so that they can preview homes for buying and o renting. I will use FMLS or Dotllop for sending forms and sharing listing information.
  • Tara Yeoman that was perfectly said.
  • For sellers, I know one of the most difficult aspects of PCS moves is the emotional roller coaster that comes along with it, especially for the spouse. I would work hard at helping them through those emotions and helping them through the difficult parts. Also, helping them to make smart, objective decisions is important.
    For buyers, I love using technology to help buyers from other areas find homes before they arrive! I love how awesome our technology is today and how much we're able to do for buyers even when they're hundreds of miles away!
  • I too was a buyer having to use technology to find our home over 15 years ago. My husband and I were stationed in Germany at the time and was able to make all decisions via the web. I wasn't an Agent then, but now I get to share in the process of helping someone else, (if need be) with the same process.
  • At eXp, we thrive on running our business with the most effective technology. We're provided with so many resources to keep in touch with clients. Annual CMAs are great ideas. More and more these days, the younger generation of clients are appreciating how to videos rather than reading blogs. Making some with listing tips and then putting it on automatic drip will help remind them it's almost that time. Our market appreciates dramatically and the rents are high enough to cover a mortgage. The best results are over a 5 year span so depending on location, keeping their home as investment property might be beneficial.