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What influences housing choices
  • Growing up military, I watched my parents make numerous decisions about housing choices. The decision to live off-base was where my parents focused as on-base housing was not big enough for our family. Buying or renting only came up when we knew that daddy would return to an area. School districts was a big factor as there are 6 of us kids. Commute distance was a factor as daddy didn't want to neglect the family. Affordability was a factor in deciding to buy and/or sell. My parents ended up renting out the two houses they had built for years as a supplemental income, and on the off chance my dad would be stationed again in Colorado Springs. My parents always were close enough to base to benefit from the what the bases offered. This module brought back points that I witnessed first hand and became more aware of as I got older, and I now see a younger sibling use in his decisions as he just bought his first home with a VA loan.
  • When I was in the Air Force safety, conveince to work, and being in a military neighborhood were factors that influenced my housing choices. Other factors I read about were school choices, convenience to base facilities, price, and how long a family would be stationed at a base will influence whether they rent or buy.