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What influences housing choices
  • As an Air Force veteran and spouse. I have experienced both roles during the PCS experience. I agree with the previous comments that schools, safety, and location play important parts in the decision making process. One may also consider how the location of the home will affect the family during deployments such as distance from schools, shopping, or social activities. The possibility of returning to an area, long term marketability, ability to rent, and proximity to a base are variables that I and others may consider when buying a house.
  • One of the biggest factors on Oahu is the proximity to which base they will be stationed at due to traffic and time spent away from the home. Depending on location it can take an hour to hour and half one direction. However, if they're willing to commute the homes in those areas are newer and have larger square footage. It's definitely a trade off.
    I agree that schools, safety and location play important roles in the decision making process. Resale and marketability if renting play a big role too. One of the things I do is discuss an exit strategy weighing all the pros and cons. That way there's no surprises when it comes time to PCS off island.
  • I'm near Fort Leaveworth in Kansas. Our housing choices are heavily influenced by quality schools and housing availability near the military base. Many families choose to cross the river into Missouri to find adequate housing. The next county over has great schools and many more choices for housing. The commute to the base is twenty minutes and for spouses, it's closer to the Kansas City Metropolitan area which provides more employment possibilities.
  • As a Navy veteran spouse, deciding on location depended on affordability first, especially in a multi-military base presence. Commute was actually a second or third deciding factor following what the location area had to offer in terms of schools, church and social activities. Influences are on an individual case basis, but the main deciding factors are probably the same all around- but may have different priorities.
  • Thank you for taking the time to write your comment above. It helps very much to read first-hand comments of a veteran spouse.
  • As a former military member and single military parent, my housing choices were dependent upon schools, affordability and location to the base to allow me time to be available from work to my children as they needed me. Currently serving family members still look for these items.
  • As a military spouse the most important factors for my husband and I in choosing housing is the location to base and the safety of the neighborhood. Our children are older now but when they were still at home it was important for us to be in a neighborhood with other children living near by. Safety has always been our biggest priority as my husband deploys often and I need to feel secure in our home.
  • Thank you so much for sharing with us! This definitely helps me, it gives me guidance so I can better assist in the home buying process!
  • @Raele Scott I know exactly what you mean about Oahu traffic! I live on Maui and travel there often. Someone has to love driving or be very diligent about time depending on which area they live in.

    As far as preferences go, every individual is different. Doing a thorough consultation with military clients is the only way to figure out what's best.
  • I was a single male in the USMC. The biggest reason Marines moved off base was that our barracks were falling apart, filled with mold and cockroaches. A lot of Marines moved based upon which was the cheapest, and closest to base.
  • Given that 41% of military families have children I would conclude schools and safety as paramount
  • As a wife of a USMC with three children, our priority was the safety of our children and the need for good schooling. Being close to the base was always considered as well to stay connected with the military family.
  • My dad was in the Army growing up. So much is coming back. I really apprecite all the comments.
  • I'm not familiar with the military lifestyle, but I would think the decision-making factors vary widely, and I agree with Anabelle in that in order to best serve our military clients is to first do a thorough consultation. There are so many factors and situations you could encounter. I would bet that proximity to base would be among the largest influential factors with housing our heroes.
  • A lot of thing influences a service members housing choice but I feel the number one would be where the duty station is and how long the service member is going to be stationed there.