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Attracting Buyers and Sellers to your website
  • Definitely will need to add the MRP certification and VA buyers testimonials to business cards and social media. A big Thank you for these discussions because it helps with preparing my to do list, after completing the MRP course.
  • Agree! I have not served in helping military families relocate, so I think adding a testimony from a local VA lender could offer some clout.
  • This is all very helpful/educational information. I will definitely be updating the office website once I receive my MRP certification so that Military families will be aware, that we can provide a service to them with some knowledge of helping Military families and to assist them with home purchasing or any other questions/concerns that they may have.
  • On my webpage I will also add tags with buzzwords so that the page will come up when a person is doing a search for military housing or realtor who specializes in military moves.
  • When I complete this course and receive certification, I will add to my business card.