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Power Shopping
  • Having a tight time frame puts pressure on buyers. Which then makes it uncomfortable on showings. Not every couple wants the same things in a home, and if one is very particular it makes it difficult to settle on a home. I had a situation where one partner wanted a fully modern up-to-date renovation. The other partner wanted nothing more than to find a place and move immediately.
    They were prequalified for a decent amount that would get them a very clean modern condo. However, like it was discussed in module one, it wouldn't have been a wise financial decision to max out the loan. They were ready for retirement, their mortgage would've hurt them down the road eventually. Even though it impacted my potential earnings, you look our for your clients the way you would look out for your family. When you live on a small island, it's important to build relationships of trust. I don't regret talking them out of a $3,000 mortgage for a 2bd apartment until this day.