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Module 1: Factors that influence housing decisions?
  • There are several factors that influence service members housing choices: cost, location, quality of residence, neighborhood quality, security, amenities, and length of tour. The order of importance is based on the service members familia situation, needs and wants. Being a consultant to the service member and providing information to assist them with making a decision that is best for their needs. The question is how to provide information without overwhelming? For example, would a video interview of local schools be of benefit or would directing to a website that rates each school. A demographics of a neighborhood attached with a market analysis?
  • If my clients are relocating to the area and unable to drive to the school, a video along with demographics is best. If my clients are able to visit the area, I would set up a face to face interview of 3 local schools. We can walk through the halls, sit in a class and meet an administrator.
  • There are several factors that influence service members but one of the most important ones is the The length of the tour. Although this is one factor this is not the only One it all depends on the needs and wants of the individual.
  • I would provide clients with information about the area and their neighbors. I would make myself available to help them get adjusted in new surroundings.
  • I think each client has their own preferences as to how they want to receive and review information. It's good to be flexible to their needs. I have facetimed with clients to show them things when they could not be present. I've also compiled links to different community features so they could review it when it worked best for them.
    What I have learned from working with Vets is that they are wonderful with taking information and making decisions without second guessing it. If you provide a frank list of pros/cons about something, they will quickly assess and make a decision.
  • I would provide information to my buyer's in their preferred format, which might be in print or web based links. The information would be specific to the area and neighborhood that fits their criteria.