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Module 1: Military Market
  • What could you do to: *Adapt your core real estate skills for sellers? *Adapt your core real estate skills for buyer? *Build a referral base?
    I could provide a Military Market page to my website that links to the rent vs by calculator, offer free consultation on property management vs selling with list of pro's, con's, and management company fees that is offer by my brokerage. Provide information on services provided in the surrounding area such as, hospitals, doctors, continuing education, schools, summer activities for kids, and amenities within the community.

    I plan to reach out to A&M military services department and attend the American Legion's stuffing the box for troops stationed overseas.
  • Become very familiar with military financing.
  • Could add a section to my website for military markets. I could reach out to military networking resources in my town. Become familiar with BAH rates, and the specific locations nearby military facilities in my area that would serve for housing military families.
  • Promote different programs such as VA financing or other types of loans or programs for military personnel.
  • Provide various links on my Military site which provide information about the buying vs renting. Area BAH rates in different areas and a link to a preferred mortgage broker that specializes in VA loans.
  • Establish myself as a source for military housing and relocation information.
  • Hold a military buyer's seminar. Focus not just on the buying but on the exit strategies available like renting when they will eventually need to leave.
  • When you understand the sacrifices of the military, it is only natural for me to give them white glove and red carpet service no matter the price point. Going above and beyond in making their move and transaction as smooth as possible. Be honest and straight forward. I know that this is outside of what the class is getting at, but over half of my business is from active and newly retired, because I TAKE CARE OF THEM.
  • What could you do to adapt your core real estate skills for buyer & sellers?

    I could work quickly but flexible with schedule, create pro-con lists for clients, and consider everyone's housing needs.

    Build a referral base?
    I could build a referral base by adding a special page to my website for Military buyers and sellers. I could blog about portent topics such as: VA Financing, How to determine to buy vs. rent, and Home improvements that add value. I could present a real estate seminar on a particular topic as a base or affiliate business.
  • One needs to understand the military's need to accomplish the task of buying as quick as possible.
  • As a military spouse relating to the military families regarding housing means being relatable and listening. Taking notes of what they desire, what they have questions about and answer those questions. Being knowledgable affords the expertise.
  • Become more knowledgable about VA financing. Share information on social media, blog, create flyers. I'd like to connect and learn more about the needs of military families.
  • I agree with Lewis about becoming familiar with the rules of Financing. I also liked the idea of having a dedicated section on my web page for Military giving local information.
  • I intend to become more active in the local chapter of Team Red, White and Blue in order to build a referral base.
  • Partake in community organizations that link to military. Stay updated on VA financing and keep information on my website to help guide military clients on process.
  • Keep updated on changes to VA financing and BAH rates, join local military groups, keep updated information regarding all the above on all social media.