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Module 2: What would attract military buyers and sellers to your website.
  • To attract military buyers and Sellers to my website I would make a page highlighting topics and resources available for military families. I would also highlight my certifications like MRP.
  • Ease of Use. Clearly organized website with easy to comprehend answers. links to information that is military relocation focused and related to the area/location
  • Have some links on a dedicated military page with information for local bah rates, child care and community. I want to make sure my MRP logo is displayed so they know I have taken extra care to understand their personal situation.
  • Providing helpful relocation resources like BAH and information about the new community.
  • I would provide links to lenders familiar with VA, video testimonials of past military clients, neighborhood highlights and local school information, as well as my experience and designation with working with military families.
  • I would make sure my MRP designation was displayed appropriately, and also use key words that would show up in their google searches for specific neighborhoods.