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Being More than a Realtor
  • As we have learned, there is a significant impact on the family when there is PCS or deployment. Young children will feel the stress of the move or absence of deploying service member. As Realtors assisting with the PCS, it is important to realize we have established a relationship with the family, we must be prepared to assist and provide support when called up. When these circumstances arise, we need to possibly:
    • Offer recommendations for local attractions and/or parks
    • Provide contacts to a local organization such as Little League, tennis clubs or Scouting
    • Provide contact points for social services or military support groups.
    • Seek to find recommendations to alleviate the stress and pressure.
    Each situation will be different, and while our primary job is to find housing for our clients, we are in a people relationship business, and we need to let our clients know that when there is an unsettling event in their lives, that we are ready to step up and assist where we can.