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  • It will be important to modify your website to a certain degree, by adding a specific tab for Military. Within the tab, as it is mentioned address specific areas we service, frequently asked questions, remember the Buyer maybe coming from a totally different geographic area, so attempt to give them some basic websites to visit. If it is a Seller, get him to early in front of an Agent to where he may be moving to. Expedite the process.
    While making these changes to your website you should be adding something on Facebook, possibly Instagram and Linkedin. Get it out that your work with the military and direct all blogs, and communications to your website so they can search and get that additional information. Creat the one-stop-shop. I would also suggest that the prospective Buyer or Seller interview with you on Skype, or Facetime so they can meet you, develop rapport, and you can address any specific questions. You will get ahead of the game.