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Get to Know Your Client / The More the Better
  • Recommending that all technology is put to good use. Defer to Skype to conduct a face-to-face interview. Ask questions about what their home priorities, and their wishes, etc. Ask about pre-approvals, or calculate estimate purchasing power. Get as much knowledge of the family, their personalities, what they do in off time. The more you know about them, the more likely you can identify the ideal house for them.
    Provide access to the MLS portal to see properties in recommended areas and within limits of their maximum home value. Conduct a preview of the house, and make a video which can be sent, you can also have the Buyer on Facetime and have them see the house as you see it. Try to narrow your search to 3-4 homes. When the physically present, again keep your visits to 3-6 homes otherwise it gets confusing and the Buyer becomes disoriented.
    Remember flood insurance, the proximity of schools, drive time to the gaining station when selecting those prospective homes. You do not have the luxury to show homes outside of their resources. Try to put yourself in their mindset, to see if you can get close to what will appeal most to your military buyer. Time is of the essence.