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Listing Agent Reluctance to Accept VA Financing
  • The biggest problem that I have come across is a general reluctance of listing agents to even consider an offer with VA financing because of perceived strict standards on the appraisals. I must admit, I have had some crazy appraisers that have demanded that EVERY noted repair on an inspection report be done before they would appraise the property for the loan amount (minor repairs too). Which HAS BEEN TERRIBLE. But generally, what are people seeing? Are appraisers being that much tougher?? Most of my buyers are VA and I don't see that many problems. But I have seen homes that would easily qualify for VA financing and listing agents flat out say that they won't accept offers with VA financing. They don't list it in the MLS. I have called to see if there is a reason, and they have flat out said they don't want to deal with it!! CRAZY!! Thank you so much for your treatment of our heroes!!
  • I have never had an issue with VA Loans and listing agents not accepting them. In Louisiana all offer are to be brought to the buyer and signed off by the buyer as accepted, rejected, or countered. It is crazy to think that agents are literally making the buyer circle smaller for their clients!