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Module 2 Discussion: Post-Transaction Support
  • 4. What post-transaction support do you provide to your clients? Do you put them in touch with local organizations or groups to help make the transition easier? Are there any tips you recommend?

    After you have posted to this discussion, review your colleagues’ comments and reply to at least one other post.
  • I will be creating a "Meetup" group just for this purpose. I will be able to get a network started for those who are just moving her and be able to continue to keep this group to be able to help as well. Also, I will be providing websites specific to the area to be able to show them what is around and where they can go to explore the surrounding area they live :D Maybe even create a facebook group
  • I intend to get them connected with various organizations throughout the community whose focus is on whatever particular circumstance they are currently a part of.
  • In today's online world I have to agree with Charlene and say a fb group with very relevant local content and invite local vendors to join the group.
  • I provide a list of area organizations in the community that provide professional services geared towards clients needs.
  • I call them on a rotation asking if they are in need of any services. I keep them on an email touch and if they have questions they typically respond to my emails, call or text.
  • I provide a list of services that are in their are for carpet cleaning, painting etc. so they have a go to list for those types of items. Then I provide them with kist of actives for children and community activities also letting them know that I am always here to answer any and all questions they may have about the area or vendors.
  • you can have a list ready, but with facebook and everything each base has their own page and everyone is pretty active.
  • I have a network of professionals in the area ready to assist them and let them know that
  • What post-transaction support do you provide to your clients? I help them find service providers for any needs they may have - lawn care, pool maintenance, and contractors for repairs and/or upgrades to their home. I also have a list of local mom groups, schools, preschools, and children's sports/extracurricular activities.
    Do you put them in touch with local organizations or groups to help make the transition easier? Yes! Always keep them abreast of community organizations and events.
    Are there any tips you recommend? - Stay in touch - introduce them to other families you have worked with that you know they have common ground with.
  • I have a list for service providers. Staying in contact and asking if they have a specific or need helps provide them assistance in real time and give you a reason to stay in touch over their time in the area.
  • Keep following up and give them resources for whatever they need.
  • Although I do maintain a "Concierge Page" on my web site, with an enormous number of links of all varieties (schools, churches, inspectors, utility companies, etc), and am always available for follow-up help with my clients, I feel this is something I could improve upon for military buyers.
  • 1. Yes, I provide a list of services that are in their are for various home maintenance services.
    2. A list of kid activities- schools, sports & extra curricular.
    3. Keep in touch using a system of follow up to be a continued help with their transition to the new area.
  • I will provide a list of services and contacts for all home repairs and maintenance needs. I will always be one call away and try and have a meet up for dinner or drinks once a quarter with all of my clients like a social event meet up. I want to treat all of my clients the same and offer them not only a service but to become friends with them and provide them service for all their needs for as long as I can.
  • Post-transaction support is crucial for a number of reasons? You want them to remember that you are the expert, that you go above and beyond in order to make their transition complete. If you ask questions then you know what they are all about. You can help them find a local church, playgroups, afterschool activities, and any other services they might need. This is how you also market for the next transition.
  • Like the idea of a meetup group and facebook page
  • I have a vendor list that I provide to each client. It is local service people who are licensed/insured and either used by me or property management. I ask them to like my FB business page for local activities. I also give a years subscription to the local newspaper as a closing gift.
  • When I first speak with them I get an idea of the area of interest. I pull together all military bases nearby with information, fun attractions,and list of utility companies, magazines, coupons, restaurants, shopping, towns of interrest and parks. This way they can have fun and learn the area and not feel like strangers. They are relying on me to know all this information.
  • I like Christina's idea of list of things like attractions, shopping, utilities, local interest, etc. Knowing this kinds of things and how to get around can help take some of the stress off of a new move and get a family settled in to the community.
  • Provide lists of services, create a fb group for the area, keep in touch
  • Create a facebook page giving them a place to go for discussion. Put informative information on my website for them to visit often. Provide a quarterly CMA on their home to keep them up to date on the market. put them in contact with service providers and support groups, baby sitting services etc.
  • I love the idea of the meet up & facebook page. In our office we have a vendor's list of recommended local contractors for our clients. I also keep in touch with all of my clients via e-mail, and try to reach out to them often.
  • I make sure my clients, military or civilian, know that they can reach out to me for anything, post Closing. Be it a plumber, electrician, advice on where the best furniture stores are, a good therapist, etc. I have resources and I make sure they know I am happy to provide the information even if it has been several years. My active duty clients have not had children, however, in one case the husband went to see immediately, before the household goods arrived. I brought over an induction cook top, pots, utensils and spent time with the wife and dogs at various times. Should I have a military family, I would absolutely reach out to clients who have children (I don't) in search of resources. I do have 2 Veteran clients with kids, so they would be the first ones I'd contact. I think the local library is a great place to get information about local events for adult and children. I'd prepare a package of info for adults and children. I'd also suggest any facebook groups that may be relevant.
  • Looking forward to having lists ready to help in the transition.
  • Going above and beyond during transaction, letting them know your there if they ever have a need or any questions and making the extra effort to stay in touch.
  • Provide them with a list of professionals they might need. Provide the name and address of the college(whatever is needed).
  • Probably pay attention to the kids personalities and make a list of all the activities that are in town
  • What I do is i have an app for my buyers that marks the date they purchased the house and the app allows them to keep track of their housing repairs and has a connection section to different professionals that would be able to assist them in caring for their home.

    I also keep track of local community events and I send emails to my clients with different events that are around town that they would be interested in attending.
  • Post Transaction is just as import as the transaction itself. Get to know your client and understand the needs. I’m a general contractor, as such I have a upper hand on the physical needs of the real estate.
  • I plan on providing an annual home valuation for all my homebuyers.
    I also give a community calendar monthly with local activities.
    I also pop by with small gifts to my buyers a couple times a year to stay in touch and stay on top of mind.
  • Reminding the buyers to file their homestead exemtion is helpful. I've ben surprised to find people who don't remember to file and you can't get that savings back. I let my buyers know that I'm always there for them for questions or recommendations.
  • I reach out to my clients twice a month via, emails, calls or texts just to see how they are doing and if they need anything. I also let my buyers know that if a seller doesn't want to pay for the home warranty program, that I will, as I want them to be at ease, should anything go wrong. I also do pop by gifts periodically, just to keep in touch and in their minds.
  • Champagne and a fitting gift at closing $100-200. Then, I have been going to the gym my entire life, my heart is in great shape for a guy of 50 so I always offer to help move some heavy stuff for a couple of hours if needed. Even days later if there is a couch they decide might look better in the basement, I'll come help. I also offer to host a housewarming and friend on FB. $100 in hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and soda and we make connections and friends for life, at least for their next purchase and sale. I read about one guy, and I am going to try this... he loaded up a truck with giant pumpkins and delivered them to all his past clients with a witty cards attached on Halloween.
  • As a newer agent, I have not had any closings, although I would make sure to keep in touch with my clients via social media and send them a subscription to a local newsletter for local events. The township here publishes an activity booklet and calendar, so if they are new to the neighborhood, I would pick up a copy of the most recent publication and provide it, so that they could connect to the local events. I could also provide a list of FB and website pages that provide community information.
  • I always provide my clients with copies of the transaction paperwork. In addition, I try to customize a closing gift that is pertinent to them. I continue to keep in touch regularly and help with issues that arise unexpectedly.
  • I send a closing gift that is personalized, and touch base once a month to keep in contact. I also send cards at the holidays and keep in contact via facebook.
  • I would create a list by community. FB has groups for every subdivisions, I would get a list of babysitters, churches, mom groups and play groups. also with amazon now offering assistance for handy man gives a good foundation to calm the new homeowners.
  • I will provide a list of service providers that will be able to assist them if they have maintenance issues and home repairs if needed. I can also help with finding support groups in the area.
  • I do a follow up drop by to see how things are going and if there are any issues or questions that they might have regarding the home or community. I also let them know that I post a weekly and monthly article on my business FB page that shares all the fun things to do around Tucson. I leave a list of handymen and repair people as well as making sure they understand who to call if they have an issue that may be covered under their homeowners warranty.
  • keeping in contact, via email, phone and text, on a rotating basis. it's always nice to check in and see if there's anything i can help with.
  • Constant contact is key! Facebook, text messages, follow up mailings, eyc
  • We have a few facebook groups intended for military spouses in our areas. I normally add them to the groups so they can connect with them and find new friends. I also continue to communicate after the closing so that they feel comfortable asking for my recommendations.
  • @sharlene what a great idea! I may start to include that after closings, to be a good overall resource!
  • We have Military Guide books come out twice a year. So I make sure I give them the latest issue. For home repairs and maintenance, I recommend to purchase a home warranty service. Otherwise, I have a list of businesses who can offer the services they might need. Keep in touch and see if they need any help!
  • I have a list of providers that I can offer to each buyer/seller. I also do periodic checks with email and text to checkin to make sure they are settling well. John Sallman I like your idea, I should start to offer the list to the home buyer/seller so they have it at their finger tips

  • For post-transaction support, I make sure they have contact information for general contractors in the area, any service providers, and maintenance needs. I also make sure they're connected online via Facebook groups, as I've seen these have been a great source of outlets for just about anything one could need around base. Beyond this I make sure that they also are in the know with any community or local events on a monthly basis, and if needed school and child care information that will make that transition easier also.

    Staying in contact on a monthly or quarterly basis is my best advice. These families are only here for a short period of time, and the little ways you can keep the communication going could only help you in a few years if you need to assist them in selling or being referred as a Realtor to go to for any incoming members they might know.
  • I keep in contact through emails, CMA reports, and lists of trusted services. I refer them to family services for local and base groups. Military One Source is a great resource for military families.
  • I started a Facebook group that focuses on things to do in our local city. I focus on one city outside of the base right now because it's a growing community and doesn't have as much out there on the internet yet. So, I'm becoming a local resource for my city.

    I'm also building a page on my website just for military PCSing personnel and their families. I'm loading it with as many resources as I can find they can reference from pre-move to post-move and beyond.
  • I think following up and keeping that friendship open is important! I would check in via text or call every now and then to see if they need any referrals.
  • @cynthia1 Exactly my thought for social involvement.