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Helping kid with them move
  • I moved around a lot as a youngster and it can take its toll. However, it teaches children how to make friends quickly which is a great skillset. I like the idea of making a move an adventure. Thus, planning activities and researching fun places to tour should help the kids transition.
  • I would say this is definitely something we realize as we mature. Even if children are having a hard time adjusting, the in the long run it will serve as a benefit to learn so much about different places.
  • Do your research. If you can’t visit your new community together in advance, do some research and find out what attractions may be particularly interesting to your child. Get your child excited about all the new places to explore.

    Get to know families with same-age children. Invite them over or arrange for a play date at the park. This will help your child bridge the difficult gap of making new friends.

    Get them involved. The sooner your child gets involved in the local activity of their choosing the better.

    Enlist a support group. New teachers, coaches, guidance counselors and clergy can all play a critical role in helping your child adjust, so get them on board right away. Join the neighborhood on social media, most neighborhoods have a Facebook or page.

    Acknowledge their feelings. Most important of all, allow your child to mourn the loss of their former home, community and friends. Let him or her know these feelings are normal and that you, too, miss your old home sometimes.
  • I agree that getting kids to cope with moving will be to get them involved in the new communities, meeting new children/friends, and participating in school athletics programs and activities. It won't be easy for them, but could in fact be helpful long term in building strength of character with future life struggles.