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Module 2 Discussion: Attracting Buyers and Sellers to your website
  • 2. What do you think would attract military buyers and sellers to your website? What tools would you use?

    After you have posted to this discussion, review your colleagues’ comments and reply to at least one other post.
  • Adding VA lenders to the website helps them to have another local person working for them.
  • My company has a residential leasing department that would help when they list you and you list them on each others websites.
  • Latest information on military benefits
  • My MlS does not allow rental searches so I would need a good rental resource. A property management company only promotes their listings. I would need a good rental search engine.
  • I would make sure to visit the base often and leave my information to be handed out to those sponsoring other military personnel moving to the area, This way they are able to share my info so those that are moving to the area are able to visit my site and see what I have to offer and what the area has to offer as well.
  • I think updating my website to add lenders, and the buyer's FAQs as well as the current BAH will be a major factor as well as using narrpr
  • I guess like Robin said have your brokerage list you as their MRP on their website and in their advertising and repost that your website
  • Use your designation on your website, and add a page resource for military families to find lenders and affordable housing, and great schools.
  • I like the idea of adding a page to your website just for military buyers, it could have your reviews from other military buyers and some FAQs
  • Keywords in you META tags.
  • Even prior to this course, my website highlights my status as a military retiree. I always wanted help my troops and I still want to help other soldiers.
  • Offering resources to assist with relocation. Highlighting specialized MRP training. Bio that includes history or experience that military personnel can relate to.

    Tools: mortgage calculator, VA lender link, home search app for phone, info about schools and employment opps.
  • Militarty focused groups on social media. Networking events where you'd collect contact information and ask if its ok to register them on your property search site.
  • I let them know I we are a military family as well and honestly do have their best interest at heart. Also have a list of everything they are going to need to make their pcs easier.
  • Showcasing that you understand what they are going through and offering short term rental options and also helping them rent if necessary first
  • VA lenders that you have worked with in the past...finding short term rentals and listing those, showing them the difference between buying and renting (cost-wise). Letting them know that I'm married to a Veteran and understand their challenges.
  • Adding the military FAQ to my site would be great. But, directing people to the website I would start with marketing in military distributions. Eglin AFB has two newspapers that I will market in directing people to my website and services.
  • First and foremost, I would take advantage of the MRP marketing resources provided by NAR upon completion of this certification, including the Facebook page and other social media tools provided. These can link to my website where I can have a designated page specific to military buyers and sellers.
  • Adding a page to my website for military buyers, include reviews from previous military buyers & FAQs. I love the idea of utilizing the MRP marketing resources and linking them to my website!
  • I have information regarding different types of loans, including VA, and can refer buyers to good VA lenders. I also offer information on grant assistance for active duty and retired miliary. I will be using the MRP marketing resources provided by NAR upon completion of this course.
  • Include VA lender information on FB page, buyer's FAQ's and provide company relocation and referral services.
  • I would visit the base and the MEPS center as well as recruiting stations throughout the area and speak and leave business cards with the new MRP logo and make sure they understand that I am here to help. I will also write some blogs about the military and real estate and do some interviews with military members to get their Q&As up as well as co market with lenders that have excellent VA loan conversions and discounts to military and veterans alike. I will tap into all resources I have available. I will run ads and have flyers made that I can pass out or leave.
  • To attract military buyers and sellers to my website in include information on local neighborhoods. Showcase how military families are involved the community.
  • Latest information on military benefits
    Local school and neighborhood information
    Groups/organizations frequented by Military personnel
  • SIGH. Most all buyer/sellers are NOT going to your website until they meet you. They find you on Zillow, Realtor or some other onsite house search site.
    Once you are in contact with them then you can send them to your website. If you have information relevant to them they may come back. Have lists of lenders, day cares, schools, events are all excellent ideas.
    I find more will look spend more time on social media. So sharing local events, school awards, etc on your Facebook Business page provides them with information after they move. If they are keep up with you on FB they will reach out to you when they are ready to sell.
  • List of VA lenders, local information like groups, sports teams, schools. Highlight that I am also part of a military family.
  • Adding neighborhood specific information, trusted VA lenders
  • VA Lenders, and FAQ's
  • o Add a page on your website for military buyers.
    o Blog about the local property market and military buyers’ experiences.
    o Provide answers to military buyers’ FAQs.
    o Offer links to local lenders who make VA loans.
    o Offer links to community information, activities for kids and teens, little leaguesports teams, school websites.
    o Showcase your professional designations and certifications, like Military Relocation Professional.
    o Ask past military clients to write or record a testimonial about the service you provided and post it to your website.
    o Describe how you work with military buyers, such as setting aside a block of time, previewing listings, or offering babysitting service.
    o Offer detailed property and neighborhood reports.
    o Provide information on convenient overnight accommodations and restaurants.
    o Offer a wants-and-needs pre consultation form
  • Create a detailed military page on my website with information about BAH, schools, community activities, neighborhoods with good resale values.
  • In addition to VA loan knowledge, know if there are any grants available for mortgages in your area. Include your MRP designation on your business card and your electronic media such as websites and Facebook.
  • Blogging, va loan lenders, property and neighborood reports, referrals or testimonals from past military clients. a website and/or fb page showcasing that I am a MRP. Include links to military websites that help with the move.
  • -Reviews from other military clients
    -Information about local bases
    -Information about communities near local bases
    -Information on support organizations, groups
    -Information on local schools
    -Information on local sights, attractions
    -Rent vs. Buy calculators
  • I think its important to add designations, a page dedicated to answer their questions on our area, use social media to get the word out, offer services to help them get started looking in my service area, use RPR for neighborhood reports, blog, links to accommodations, link for lenders that specialize in VA loans.
  • Utilize the NAR MRP marketing resources. I also plan to hold a first time home buyer's workshop in my neighborhood, so reaching out to the base, & passing out information on that workshop would be an idea. I also feel I should post a rent vs. buy calculator on my website, and all social well as a military FAQ....and some links for local groups/organizations.
  • My website has testimonials from just about all of my clients. I will set up a page specific to military members and families relocating and I will include the specific military testimonials there as well. I would also make mention of the availability of my VA Lenders.
  • I love Boosting my posts. With some great information or ads about helping military families and a good boost. I believe I could reach more military.
  • Setting up a good website that can be used as resource for military members.To include lenders, BAH, grants, info on schools, local activities, community etc..
  • Noting on your website that you have MRP certification, providing links to VA lenders, Sellers and buyers faq's from the prospect of Military personnel. Buyer and seller guides on website.
  • Q&A

  • New to Real Estate - I don't have a website but I am networking on Facebook. I need to include and post articles pertaining to the military market in my area. Include communities, events and testimonials from other clients. Link with other MRP designated professionals to get referrals and send sellers to other specialized MRP agents.
  • I would add a special link where they can search for homes that would fit in their desired area and close to duty station feed

    Testimonials from past clients, a referral link that they can use.

    Showing my designation once received on website and all marketing.

    Team up with local lenders and have links to them for them to be able to reach out to those lenders.
  • If you're prior military, list it so they will know that you speak their language and understand the buyer or seller's conundrum first hand because you've lived the life and can relate.
  • I like the idea of a special FB page for Military buyers and sellers linked in my biz page. It can include local service providers, community calendar, testimonials, and other pertinent info to a new move or relocation info. Plus my MRP logo too.
  • Offering resources to assist with relocation. Highlighting specialized MRP training. Bio that includes history of working with the military community & experience that military personnel can relate to. I can reach out to lenders that are offering workshops of purchasing with the VA or offer my own first time home buyer seminar & post those.
    Mortgage calculator, VA lender link, info about schools and employment opportunities as well as a military FAQ, links for local groups/organizations both within the military base and around in the community as well.
  • Creating a specialized page on my website for military home buyers and sellers with links, testimonials, and other resources could help them feel I was vested and experienced in working with military families and personnel.
  • Offer a dedicated resource page just for the military on your website. Make sure you have reviews from previous military clients.
  • Use your designation on your website, testimonial from previous mil buyers/sellers, discuss how you go above and beyond for military clients, previewing listings, offering child care, document if you are a prior military family as well to connect.
  • add links useful to military home buyers, FAQs, community links and success stories helping military families, be an local expert
  • Showcasing the MRP certification on the website and offering links to local lenders who make VA loans would attract military buyers and sellers to my website. Also, putting links to community information would be helpful.