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Module 2 Discussion: Attracting Buyers and Sellers to your website
  • Any and all of the above is going to be a great help. No sense recreating the wheel. If you're going to help military families become familiar with what they want and need. Links, info on schools, activity calendar, out and about, child care info and more all help all families, but military in particular.
  • Definitely advertising your MRP certification and testimonials or letters of recommendation from previous service members and families
  • I think providing some really useful resources like a checklist to PCS along with websites to different school information not just for my area, along with military related organizations in the area would be helpful to bringing clients to my website.
  • @lance that is a good idea. Currently I use a great VA lender but he is unfortunately not local. It may be a good idea to partner with another local one with military background
  • I will be adding the MRP Designation, and am heavily networking with the nearby military community. Additionally, I plan to add some of the suggestions in the course like extra links, FAQ's and trying to find out where military families start their online home search. I have started working with lenders that do VA Loans so I can offer that to my clients.
  • Social media postings to include FB, Instagram, Linked In --links to FAQs, partnering with mortgage lenders who have proven track record of conversion success. community links, marketing with MRP and other certifications. testimonials.
  • Create a detailed military page on my website with information about BAH, schools, community activities, Crime Map, Traffic Advisory... Anything to help them decide where they want to live.
  • Adding a Military Assistance tab on my website
  • I will be show casing my MRP certification, offering information about the community and where quick lodging can be found during the home search. Robin Lewis I like your idea about a residential leasing company inside your company. I will have to have some property managers numbers close by as we don't have access to leasing inside our company.
  • This thread is exciting. As soon as I complete this course, I'm updating my website to reflect and promote my certification. I'll also include local lender information, as well as, links to information about the local market.
  • To attract military buyers and sellers to my site, I would include my own personal experience with the military community in my bio, along with testimonials from past clients that were part of the military. I would emphasize what I can supply to them with my experience in the military and relocating multiple times, and showcasing my MRP certification.

    Links to local lenders that deal directly with VA loans is a huge help to include, as well as information about the local area such as market statistics and temporary lodging.
  • Welcoming Military members to my website with links to help them learn about lenders, neighborhoods, schools, etc.
  • Working with a lender who specializes in VA loans is very helpful. It's helpful for both of us to share that we both are involved and work with military families. Also listing helpful tips for local sports leagues, schools, community activities. Testimonials are very helpful. Having my own kids, I like the suggestion of having babysitters or babysitting service lined up so those who are out searching can have the option to not bring the kids along.
  • Special page for military families with links to resources that could help with their move and make life less stressful.
  • Creating links to pages that address the needs of military families and visiting local bases to speak with personnel to determine their needs
  • Connect with other realtors around the nation as referral network. I live in an area where there are no bases but many retired or discharged military come to live here, Bend, OR. So perhaps adding on your website that you network with many MRP REALTORS throughout the country to help with relocation.
  • I love the idea of a dedicated military PCS page on my website! In fact, while going through the course, I was adding a page with the resources that were discussed. I will continue to add more and more resources so that my page becomes a one-stop-shop for military pcs moves. I will do the research on market information, use RPR and other tools for military families to help them.
  • Market my MRP certification via different social media platforms and web-based advertising and highlight military service men and women in my bio. When a potential client decides check out my website, make sure there's content that speaks directly to their needs to show I truly service and understand the delicacy of working with military families.
  • I use testimonials from previous clients.
  • What do you think would attract military buyers and sellers to your website?
    My website will have a specific tab for military buyers...attraction will come from advertisement through google ads, Facebook military groups, and in-house base visits/info being left.

  • I will post my qualifications of work or being certified to work with military clients.
  • Definitely use my new MRP badge on my website and everywhere on social media.
  • Using my previous experience and that of others that have transferred. I'd have my site with a dedicated page for military/veterans sectioned into buyers and sellers with guidelines and links to help with their situation (buyers/sellers).
  • Showing links to different lenders that offer financing to military families, using your Military designation on the website as well showing that you are efficiently trained in helping them, also links to local businesses that support military families within the area.
  • @bethany shapiro I like your idea about highlighting your personal experience with the militarty community. I think that would work great in a bio for the website.
  • Adding links to my personal website linking them to local lenders that specialize in VA loans, RPR reports showing reports of local schools, links to various online services specifically geared to the military.