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The Military Market
  • Agents need to be sensitive to the needs of their clients military or otherwise. Since they may need to sell in a quicker amount of time, negotiating the best offer and staying in contact after the sale is important. Doing a yearly CMA or at least providing some similar comps of homes in their neighborhood so they are totally informed would be a good idea.
    Ask for introductions to other military families to provide a valuable service to them as well. Holding a seminar for veterans with a local lender might be a great way to reach out to these families in the community.
  • I totally agree. We need more seminars to educate military families about buying a home
  • I really like your idea of holding a seminar for vets with a local lender. Even though they might already be familiar with the buying/selling process, they might not be aware of changes or rates in the community, so that would be a great way to keep them informed.
  • Great idea of holding a seminar about how veterans and active military can receive benefits and how they can apply for those benefits. I am looking forward to put on such a seminar in the future.
  • Holding a seminar would provide a ton of value to veterans and their families. This can also position you as a local military housing and relocation expert. A win win for all!
  • Affordability and building equity
    Safety, security of neighborhood
    Quality of schools (if they have school aged children)
    Quality of residence
    Housing choice availability
    Time to commute
    In or away from military community
    Length of tour
  • Testimonials and "tips" either blogging, Facebook, Instagram, etc, that are advantageous for military personnel will also make you seem knowledgeable in their decisions and preparations for moving, buying, selling, even renting properties. Not to mention, word of mouth is the best referral. Military personnel will tell friends who are helpful agents.
  • I agree, social media not only helps Realtors seem knowledgeable, it also gets us noticed. I have been told by realtors at my brokerage that they get new customers and old customers find them on their websites/social media pages.
  • I find that some military families will take leave to "find their home", and will make those decisions in one day - seeing 20+ houses in a day.
  • connecting with lenders who are military specific- USAA, NFCU etc. would provide rates, net sheets and they might have a referral dept for agents. I'm finding that Instagram is a great tool to get exposure to a vast number of people in many locations. I've been in contact with local VA lenders and discussed co-sponsoring a workshop for the public.