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  • Since a military family may not know anyone in the community i think it would be important for realtors to be a go-to person for sources of information and referrals for various things needed. If children have specific sports and clubs that they were a part of, we should try to help connect them to community resources to create a smooth transition. I was a stranger here when we first moved to the area so I am sensitive to the types of people that they may need to find to make the move a bit easier.
  • Agree being the go to person is paramount. Finding community resources especially in and around the base. Identifying the family needs are important from the very beginning of your conversation.
  • I think that being knowledgeable to the area and vendors would be very beneficial for a military family. Ask questions about the kids activities, religious preferences, local shopping, thing to do in the area, clubs, etc. Most military move in the summer, local pool information, or even community events are helpful to get them introduced to people, especially for kids.
  • I think that becoming familiar with areas around the bases and identifying resources that will help them to transition smoothly into their new place is essential. Having activities that will help lighten up the kids experience in a new place is also helpful.