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Case Study
  • Brooks

    I think it would be important to get them to a lender to see what their options would be and how much they could afford if they decide to proceed with a home purchase. A realtor should also explore and share current rental info.
    Ultimately it is their decision to make and they may be gun shy to move forward but if they have not used their VA loan options this would be a good alternative to explore. Rates are usually better and no down payment is needed.

  • Being once joint spouse myself, getting the opportunity to PCS twice together and not be separated is fortunate. They need to consider the risk involved of getting orders and being separated. They will need to consider this when deciding to buy or rent. Another option to explore is the use of one of their VA loans for the purchase of their next home. They should also analyze the rent vs buy calculation and the tax and equity leverage they may have.
  • I think it is also important as a realtor to advise them on things to look out for in a home if they decide to buy that will encourage positive appreciation and quick sale.