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BAH Allowance
  • Let’s take a look at BAH allowances for service members. What is the BAH for your market area?
    How do BAH rates compare with average monthly mortgage costs in your market area?

    The BAH rate in my area range from $804-$1,398 dependent upon rank. The average monthly mortgage cost on a 30 year fixed $200,000 home is anywhere from $780-$800.
  • It's amazing how much more it costs to live in New England. When we were stationed in MA even with the higher BAH allowance the home prices were so high that it was disappointing to see what we could afford. We finally found a single family in a great neighborhood but it's a real fixer upper. For military families moving to Hanscom AFB, MA they can move further out and get a bigger home, or get something smaller or older near the base.
  • I find this exercise rather interesting. For instance, one of the local markets I service is, Prince George's County. The average price for a home in Upper Marlboro, MD, which is located very closely to, Andrews is, $318,062. For a 30 year fixed at market rates, the monthly mortgage is approximately, $1,611.

    The BAH rates for PG, County for an E1 with no dependents is, $1845 per month. Doing this exercise blew my mind. Upper Marlboro is one the more sought after markets and to think that, realistically, a private could afford the average home in this area is amazing.
  • I am trying to find out what is the BAH rate in Point Loma, San Diego so I can see the average monthly mortgage costs on a 30 years fixed loan for $350000. I have found condos in San Diego area for my grandson to view. At this time in CA, the real estate market has slowed, its a buyers market now and some home prices are being lowered.
  • For a E-4 in zipcode 22033
    With Dependents $28,260.00 per year or $2,355.00 per month
    Without Dependents $22,140.00 per year or $1,845.00 per month

    The average monthly mortgage cost is $2,800.00 per month.
  • The BAH rate for College Station TX is $987 for a E04 without dependents. This is comparable to the rent in the area which averages $500 per room or $1 per square foot. For an E01 with dependents, $1218. If you need only a 2 bedroom you are fine, however, 3 bedrooms maybe harder to come by during the certain times of the year. Being a college community pre-leasing starts in February and move-out dates will range from June 1 to August 10. To purchase a home for $150,000 to $200,000 in this market area is a challenge due to lack of supply of homes under $200,000 and that most new home start at $250,000+ range.
  • BAH rate for Pittsburgh, PA E-4
    $1,050 without dependents, $1,401 with dependents
    Average mortgage cost = $939/month for an average costing house around $165,000
    Looks like BAH rates are comparable to average costs, maybe slightly higher