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Helping kids with the move
  • I have worked with families with kids and am familiar with the military way of life since my husband is active duty also. Staying in contact with families and other kids that you have met along the way is a huge help in easing the transition. Social media is a god send because of this, and I think makes it easier than ever for kids to not feel so alone when they are in a new place. Creating books with memories or pictures can also be a great tactic to use, as it can serve as a fun way for kids to look back on those moments and happy times.

    Having a list of activities and options for the kids to get involved with also can ease with the transition. This will put the parents at ease knowing they don't have to do extra work while they are busy house hunting.
  • If we could get back to former towns to visit friends we would have a Happy Unbirthday party for the kids. We saved old plates, cups, party favors from earlier parties and had a big party!

    For the kids when moving we always tried to set up the their rooms first with all their things so right away there was some sense of comfort and familiarity. Make sure moving boxes are clearly marked for their bedrooms. It also allowed them to have toys to play with while I worked on the rest of the house. If their rooms needed painting they would help choose the colors but be prepared for the teenage artist wanting black or young one wanting neon lime green! It was only paint, they were happy, and we painted it a neutral color when we moved.