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Suzanne wright
November 2017
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November 2017

Suzanne wright

  • I like this idea thanks
    June 2019
  • Education is key to understanding the VA loan process. Have the discussion, then put it in writing, then review it several time is what I find helpful in explaining the nomdown payment and the required closing cost. The mortgage broker I utilize always give the a GFE and makes,sure they understand the amount of money they need to bring to the table.
    May 2018
  • a compromised sale sounds less painful to get through than a short sale for sure.
    February 2018
  • I agree with you Suzanne. Our priorities as a civilian aren't very much different from our military. We would all like to live in an affordable home, where safety, good school and commute are important.
    November 2017
  • Suzanne wright
    Hi everyone
    November 2017
  • Suzanne wright joined.
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    November 2017