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Henry Paul
April 2019
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October 2019

Henry Paul

  • Henry Paul
    Early into the MRP program, my first concern for our military personnel stationed in South Florida becomes affordability. Our housing market proves a challenge to find quality housing in those neighborhoods offering good schools, a secure-safe environment, and acceptable commuting times. In established neighborhoods in the current market, It is not unusual to encounter over-valued home values where deferred maintenance issues exist as well. This can be problematic for active duty personnel as they may acquire a property at above fair market value and further require additional funds for any home improvements or repairs. A service member’s short-term tenure may have a negative outcome at the time of resale, so it is strongly recommended that they work closely with a well-qualified and experienced Agent, who can carefully assess values, and who has local and surrounding area knowledge to assure that all their needs are best met.
    April 2019
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    April 2019