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Kellie Bowling
December 2017
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December 2017

Kellie Bowling

  • Good to know! Disabled veterans may also qualify for other assistance to renovate or remake a home that has modified access.
    August 2018
  • Exactly - providing that kind of post Closing support is critical, whether your clients are military or civilian! j
    March 2018
  • Kellie you make some valid points in your response below. I am amazed that landlords will charge the 4 leg family member in some cases an extra 100 a month.
    February 2018
  • Kellie, it is hard to find rental housing that doesn't have some pet restrictions these days. Most rental properties have size and breed restrictions on dogs. Most have pet deposits or monthly fees for having dogs or cats. The four foots family members can be costly when renting. Kathy
    December 2017
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    December 2017